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Nursing License Defense Attorney: Drug Diversion And Negligence Litigation

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Nursing is among the most demanding and in-demand professions. If you lose your nursing license, however, your career will be cut short. Some of the most common challenges to nursing licenses are drug diversion and negligence allegations.

Here are some of the ways that a nursing license defense attorney can help you keep or regain your license.

Drug Diversion Issues

With so much attention being given to the dangers of prescription drugs, improperly administering, accounting for, and disposing of controlled substances can carry harsh penalties and fines.

  • Administering: If you're cited for improperly administering controlled substances to patients, you will likely face disciplinary measures from both your employer and your licensing organization. Your nursing license defense attorney can cite both your employee handbook, the licensing rules, state laws, and federal statutes to make sure that any penalties you face fit the infraction you're charged with. For instance, if your employer attempts to terminate you for improperly dispensing an opioid to a patient, your nursing license defense attorney can cite provisions in your employee handbook that involve oversight and chain of command procedures. In many cases, nurses are cited for mistakes that doctors and other administrators overseeing the dispensation of controlled substances should be responsible for.
  • Accounting: The digital evolution of prescription drug software isn't perfect. Thus, a Pyxis error can trigger a violation for an attending nurse. Your nursing license defense attorney can demand a full audit of the computer software involved in your case to ensure that the problem isn't a computer glitch.
  • Disposal: The vast majority of prescription drugs ordered for hospital patients are never completely administered. Recent regulations regarding the disposal of prescription drugs can carry severe penalties for improper disposal of prescription drugs. Your nursing license defense attorney can often find holes in the timelines provided by hospitals and/or licensure boards in cases involving the disposal of prescription drugs.

Negligence Allegations

Medical malpractice litigation has increased drastically in the past decade. If you're served with a lawsuit alleging negligence, a nursing license defense attorney can defend you in court and prevent you from losing your license to nurse.

  • Deflecting: The decisions you make as a nurse are in conjunction with a larger medical team. When you're accused of negligence, your nurse license defense attorney can deflect liability by demonstrating the context of the incident in question. If your lawyer is able to decrease your liability, the lawsuit may evaporate and any pending issues with your nurse license will also be mitigated.

For more information, contact a local nursing defense attorney.