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Vital Defense Elements To Use In Your Criminal Case

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Many courts offer plea bargains to people facing charges, but you do not have to accept the offer if you receive one. Instead, you have the legal right to go through a trial. The benefit of going through a trial is that it offers the chance for the court to pronounce you clear of the charges. If you use a plea, you will have to admit guilt. If you decide to go to trial, here are some of the best defense elements your lawyer will use to help you win your criminal defense case.

Your Credibility

If you decide to go to trial, it might be because you are truly innocent. You might have a spotless record and want to keep it that way. If you are a hard-working, law-abiding citizen, your lawyer might use this information to build your credibility with the court. Your attorney can describe your lifestyle and character to help the court see you in a positive manner.

Alibis and Witness Testimony

The second vital element of a defense case is alibis and witness testimony. If you have people that know you did not commit the crime, your lawyer might call them to court. People might know this because they were with you when the crime happened. Others might know that you did not do it because they saw someone else do it. In either case, alibis and witnesses can help your case.

Expert Witnesses

If necessary, your lawyer might hire an expert witness for proof that you did not commit the crime. The testimony from an expert witness is highly credible in a criminal defense case. If you can use an expert witness to prove your case, you might want to agree to it.

The Facts and Evidence of the Case

Finally, your lawyer will use the facts and evidence from the events to prove that you are innocent. With the right evidence, your lawyer will show the court that you could not have committed the crime. Through these steps, you will hopefully receive a not guilty verdict at the end of your criminal court case.

Criminal defense lawyers generally have one primary goal when representing defendants — to place doubt in the jurors' minds. If your lawyer is successful, they might come back with a favorable verdict in your case. If you need representation in your criminal matter, contact a criminal defense law firm today.