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How A Neck Injury Can Qualify You For SSDI Benefits

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If your neck hurts, you may find it very distracting and might also find it difficult to carry out daily activities. As a result, you might wonder if neck pain might be enough to qualify you for SSDI benefits. This depends on how well you can persuade the SSA office that you have a serious injury. Fortunately, a disability benefits attorney can assist you.

How SSDI Benefits Work

If the SSA determines that you are eligible for SSDI benefits because you are injured, have worked enough, and have obtained sufficient credits, they will issue disability benefits to you that can be used to pay for your living expenses. 

However, one obstacle you might run into is that the SSA might not consider you injured enough to qualify for benefits. It is not listed in the SSA blue book, but other disabilities associated with neck pain are listed.

The SSA Blue Book

The conditions found in the Blue Book that are associated with neck injuries include joint dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal arachnoiditis, and spinal root compression. You will have an easier time qualifying for benefits if you can prove that you have one of these conditions. 

You will need to prove that you actually have the condition and that this condition is preventing you from working for more than 12 months. You must also prove that you cannot transition into a different line of work.

How Neck Pain Can Interfere with Your Ability to Work

While some might argue that you should simply ignore the pain, the neck pain can be very distracting and might be accompanied by other symptoms such as a headache. You may need to receive disability benefits temporarily until you are able to recover and return to work.

The SSA also allows workers to temporarily return to work for a trial period while continuing to receive SSDI benefits. You are also able to work part-time as long as you are earning $1,310 a month or less. If you are not sure whether you will jeopardize your benefits by working part-time, you will want to consult with a disability attorney.

One of the advantages of working with a disability attorney is that the attorney will help you gather evidence to prove that you're injured. This can include doctor's notes, lab test results, and treatments you have received. Then, the SSA will be more likely to accept your claim. To learn more about things like disability benefits assistance, contact an attorney.