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Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Dealing With A Tax Sale

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If you don't pay property taxes, the government has the right to initiate a tax sale. This is where your home or other property is sold to get back the money that is owed for property taxes. If you're put in this situation, it's a good idea to hire a tax sale attorney. They can make things easier in several ways.

Explain Lien Terms

When you don't pay property taxes, a lien is typically put on your property. This is usually the first action taken by the government to get the money that's owed. It takes place prior to a tax sale. It's a good idea to work with a tax sale attorney to find out more about this specific lien.

They can show you how it works and break down its terms, such as how much you have to pay and when. Then you might be able to avoid a tax sale entirely. 

Contest the Tax Sale

If you don't believe a tax sale is just, then you should contest it. This has to be done a certain way in order for you to avoid delays and other legal issues. A tax sale attorney can help if you believe you're being put through this process for insufficient or false reasons.

You'll just need to let the tax sale attorney learn more about your current situation with property taxes. They can see how much is owed and determine if there's a better payment plan other than a tax sale. 

Assist With a Right of Redemption

Even if your property is sold to gather funds for property taxes owed, you still have the right to get the title back. This is known as a right of redemption, and it's something you want a tax sale attorney helping you with. Then it will be easy to follow the rules and have a good shot at keeping the property in your possession.

A tax sale attorney can break down this process, going over the timeframe and forms you need to fill out. They'll also state conditions you need to comply with, such as paying certain fees at specific intervals. 

You have a couple of options when you aren't able to pay property taxes. A tax sale attorney can break them all down and help you carry one out after an initial assessment period. Their help may be enough to prevent you from losing your beloved home. 

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