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How To Protect Your Nursing License After Making A Medical Error

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When you entered the nursing profession originally, you did so because you have a passion for nursing and care about your profession. However, nursing boards suspend or revoke nursing licenses for many professionals every year for various reasons. If you are facing a nurse license suspension, you'll need to know exactly why your license is being suspended and you will also need to contact a nurse license defense attorney immediately.

Abuse and Neglect

Being accused of patient abuse or neglect is one of the most common reasons for a nurse's license to be suspended. This is especially common in settings that involve elderly care. Nursing homes in the past have been accused of abusing or neglecting elderly patients. 

Neglect does not have to be intentional. There might be an explanation for why a patient did not receive the care that they are entitled to. You might also not be the party that is responsible for the neglect of the patient, but there might have been a mix-up and you may be accused of neglecting the patient. Therefore, you might be able to avoid a license suspension.

Breach of Confidentiality

Another situation where you might have your nursing license placed in jeopardy is if you are accused of breaching patient confidentiality. You might also be accused of a HIPAA violation. These issues can be very complicated, and you need to turn to a nurse license defense attorney for help.

Defend Your License

One of the things you'll want to do is lock down your social media accounts. When you work as a nurse, you will always be placed under scrutiny. Even if you make a post that might seem innocent, this post can be taken out of context and can be used as evidence against you. Also, actions that can reflect poorly on you, such as drug and alcohol use, can lead to a license suspension.

A nurse license defense attorney will inform you of your legal rights and will also help you gather the evidence necessary to build a case for why your license should not be revoked. At the same time, if you do make a mistake, do not hide it. Nursing is a complicated profession, and nurses will sometimes make mistakes. 

Medical errors and intentional mistakes very rarely lead to a license revocation unless it is part of a pattern of behavior. With an experienced attorney, you'll be better able to prove that you made an honest mistake and protect your license. Reach out to a nurse license defense lawyer near you to learn more.